Are you ready?? Look inside for a sneak peek!

The Pink Zebra Fall / Winter 2013 catalog is here for your viewing….but wait Pink Zebra has included a seasonal catalog too! Fall and Winter scents truly my favorite… enjoy… Click the links below to experience the new catalogs.. and then place your order online starting Monday, August 12th! Be sure to share these catalogs with friends…it would be a shame to keep it from them! :)

Pink Zebra Fall Winter 2013 Catalog
Pink Zebra Seasonal Catalog 2013 

It’s Friday! Are you going to Happy Hour?

Happy Hour

Amaretto Cream + Orange Dreamsicle = Happy Hour!

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In need of a Vacation??

Vacation at Home...

Vacation at Home…

Partner this with a couple of drinks and let the scent take you away…

Fruit Smoothie                         Island Smoothie

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Do you love Amaretto? Try this recipe…

Amaretto Dream

Share your favorite recipe with me!

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April -May Host Benefits…Do you want to be a host??

April-May Host SpecialHosting a Pink Zebra Party is so easy… Host one online and no need to do anything but collect items for Free!

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Introducing April’s Fragrance of the Month…

What a great scent to start enjoying Spring!  I just have to say we went to visit relatives for Easter today and when we walked in we were greeted by the welcoming scent of Pink Zebra Sprinkles!, Gentle Rain! It truly made for a warm welcome and great ambiance!  And Gentle Rain is an April Fragrance.  Additionally Stone Washed Denim is highlighted this month…truly one of my favorites!

April 2013 FOM

I would highly encourage trying Pink Zebra! If you own a warmer, from Wal-Mart, Target, Scentsy or any other retailer, you are able to sample Pink Zebra Sprinkles!  The Sprinkles are Soy Based wax which creates a longer scented area.  I have had many customers tell me that they have used the Wal-Mart brand melting wax and the scent doesn’t last.  It reminds me of the Double Bubble Bubble Gum. It is great at first but the flavor (Scent) fades fast and you have to get a new one. Hence, you go through pieces of gum faster.  Likewise with the retail brands of melting wax.  It might be less expensive up front but if you purchase more at a faster pace, it defeats the purpose.  I welcome you to try Pink Zebra Fragrances.  Try this Special for April to get started.  If you have any questions, please reach out to me. I would be happy to help! Or just visit my site and order online! The products will ship directly to you! 

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Last few days for a few Pink Zebra deals…

March All in One  There are only a few more days to scoop up on these deals…

  If you were thinking about joining to sell or to just get some products for yourself, now is the time. For $74 you get a kit full of product! Plus the benefits of ordering your fragrances at unbeatable prices!

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Planning a Wedding in 2013?? Here is a creative idea!

“You Are Getting Married?”

….So much to plan and so little time!  Let Pink Zebra Help!! 
The Ceremony….and Pink Zebra…. 
Many weddings display some type of Unity Celebration where the two combine something into one, most commonly a Unity Candle.  Pink Zebra has a Great Idea for the Unity Celebration.  Select Sprinkles in your Wedding Colors and create a candle together right there on your Wedding Day…during your ceremony!!
No Unity Candle??301832_2125493394278_1754209788_1028241_184628214_n
Try this idea for the Head Table or the Centerpieces! Pick your wedding colors and make your own candles with the petite jars! Then light them for ambience AND fragrance!!  Add a simple flower or some greenery for a classy yet simple look!
"Make Your Own" Candle Bar!

“Make Your Own” Candle Bar!

How to create a Glimmer Candle. This is the full size Glimmer candle, $7!! Add two jars of sprinkles to create each candle!

How to create a Glimmer Candle. This is the full size Glimmer candle, $7!! Add two jars of sprinkles to create each candle!

The Glimmer Candle is the Large version – Would be great on the headtable OR the centerpieces for the guests!  Great idea for a shower and then door prizes for attendants!

 Below is a sample of what you can make for Centerpieces. The Petite Jars, smaller glimmer candle version, comes in a pack of six! This is just one “look”. 
The Petite Jar!

The Petite Jar!

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What a unique and scentful centerpiece! Everyone will be delighted!
Add a special touch to the candle to make it your own!
Just LOOK at all of the different colors and scents to choose from!

A Sampling of the many Sprinkles!

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